The foundations

As far as I can remember electronic music has always been part of my life. I was born in France, in the Champagne area in 1975 and my first music memories are “Photographic” from Depeche Mode (1977) and the “Equinox” album from Jean Michel Jarre (1978). Since then, even if I can appreciate any kind of music, synths “speak” to me…

First attempts

My dad offered my brother and I a computer in 1985. It was a Phillips MSX2 and I think I started to simply “code” music with it. It was made with an 8-bit chipset with 3 voices.

First synths and first published tracks

Few years after that, I may have been 16 when I bought my first synth. A Yamaha PSR 780 which included sounds, drum kits and sequencer.

Later I found second-hand ATARI 1040 STE and start to work with Cubase Light, Cubase and so on…

I manage to bought a Korg 05r/w spending all my saving on this synth in 1995 and continue to create music.

In 1997 I saw my first tracks publish on a long forgotten compilation of young producers selected by the France-Techno association : Beta Release 0.97.

And finally

From then, It tooks me nearly 20 years more too get back in a home studio, rebuild everything, buy synths and start produce music again. Why…. I don’t know.